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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The latest arrival...

I've written a few posts about our recent day trips to Toowoomba to visit DsD1 as she awaited the birth of her baby. Despite being hospitalised for weeks due to a few complications, finally our newest granddaughter, Abigail,  arrived safely on February 27.
So the next day, DH and I set off for another trip to Toowoomba. It had to be a day trip only as I had promised to step up for 'grandma duties' the next day with 2 of our Brisbane granddaughters. I thought about taking flowers to the new mum (and dad) but we had ended up buying a Ruby Red Shoes doll from a local gift store, so that was our gift...

Big cousin, Anthea was visiting with her mum and she gave our gift the 'thumbs up'...

The obligatory cuddles...

DH and I had planned to have lunch at the Toowoomba City Golf Club as we knew how crowded that hospital room would get as the morning went on...and we were right! And after lunch we would go back to the hospital again before heading back home.
Our lunch view while we ate our delicious food...

And best of all, our lunch companions were a fellow blogger and her friend. It was wonderful meeting Nanna Chel in person!

We bought Ruby Red Shoes, the Hare, on the recommendation of the owner of our local gift shop. I've since discovered that there is a series of Ruby Red Shoes books, ( and other merchandise) all written by a Brisbane author Kate Knapp. Read about Ruby here

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Regional Fabric Swap...

I wrote a previous post about joining in a Swap I happened to see on Instagram. It involved sending three 6 inch squares of fabric to each of the members of a group that you were allocated to. The fabrics were to be representative of the region where each of us lived, or represent our life/interests. My group had 10 members which meant I was sending to 9 other people. My squares were posted to New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and various states in the US. As well as the fabrics, we were required to send a letter, explaining our choices of fabrics. Well these letters were so informative and educational to read.
These are from Anja, who lives in Sweden. Anja chose the fabric with elks on it as 'there are a lot of elks in Sweden' and Anja's  father used to be on a hunting team that hunted elk. In general, Swedes eat a lot of fish, so Anja chose the fish fabric. Just outside her town is a chocolate factory so Anja chose fabric featuring chocolates and also included some little Swedish chocolates! Anja added a 4th square. It is of Paris which she describes as a second home since studying there for a year in the 1990s.

The next lot of squares came from Marnie who lives in Pennsylvania USA. The blue crab fabrics represent Marnie's home state of Maryland. The Hershey Kisses fabric was included as Marnie lives not far from the town of Hershey. Apparently people there mulch their gardens with the leftover cocoa bean shells from the manufacture of chocolate and this smells wonderful when it rains. Marnie also commented that the streetlights in Hershey are shaped like those candy kisses...and that's something I would never have known!
The apple fabric represents neighbouring Adams County which has miles and miles of apple, pear, peach and plum orchards. The trees flowering in spring is a sight to behold!

The next lot of squares came from Joyelle, who hails from Springboro, Ohio.
A Corey Yoder fabric design, 'Sundrops'; one of Joyelle's favourite designers who also lives in Ohio. Then there is 'Project Red' in scarlet and gray pattern, representing The Ohio State University's 'Buckeyes'. And the cute dog fabric represents Joyelle's occupation as a veterinary nurse.

The next squares are from Lindsey who comes from Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Her choice of fabrics centre around the season of Mardi Gras which is a Catholic tradition that precedes Lent. The colours of the season are Purple, gold and green, the jazz music print and the famous Louisiana symbol, the fleur de Lis complete the selection.

Next are the squares from Shelley in California. The chicken fabric is representing a small town in the north of the state where 'chickens literally rule', wine, representing that important industry and Mexican Sugar Skulls which are prevalent in southern Californian art work.

The next squares came from Michaelanne who lives in Ontario Canada. So two are very obvious Canadian choices. And then a fabric representing all the water which is in the Great Lakes which are only an hour or so drive from Michaelanne's home. The tree fabric represents the town where Michaelanne lives; London which is known as the Forest City.

Lauren sent the next 3 squares which represent Washington state; Evergreen Forests, high rainfall ( 42 inches per year and an average of only 154 sunny days per year) and Lauren's home town is home to 92 wineries! 😮

The next squares came from Anna who lives in New Zealand. Anna chose fabrics which represent the Maori myth of creation.
The alpine contours represent Papatuanuku or Earth Mother. The moon phases fabric represents Ranginul or Sky Fatger. And the Moro grey represents the chikdren of the Earth Mother and the Sky Father.

The last squares came from Angel in Portland, Oregon. Angel bought her fabrics from Spoonflower which is a very specialized fabric printing company. So we have Bigfoot whom Angel described as a kind of mascot in the Pacific North West. The fabric with bridges was chosen, as a nickname for Portland is Bridgetown as the city has 22 bridges! Angel couldn't choose between the other 2 so sent both.

And I sent either of these combinations of 3. The Aussie animal sporting fabric was hard work fussy cutting so I only did 4 and the others  5 were Jodie Carleton's Sewing School fabric .

The teacups are on the card I sent; not fabric.

Verdict? A fun Swap and very educational too!

Wool on Sunday...

Once again, the subject really should be 'Cotton on Sunday' as my projects used a cotton blend yarn.

Joining in with Janine over Here at the Rainbow Hare blog, where we show off any projects that we've been working on using yarn. Janine's post for March shows another beautiful cardigan that she has made.

In February I finished the cotton baby blanket for our new granddaughter born in January...

And we actually had one day when the weather cooled down and DD1 wrapped little C up in her new blankie.

As soon as I finished that baby gift, I started another. This time it was a pram blanket size and it was for the new baby that DD2's best friend had had in early February...

And after that, I started yet another baby blankie in cotton; rainbow colours this time. (I had planned to work out a new design of my own, but took the easy way out and used that same pattern again! )Our neighbour's daughter was expecting a baby, due in late February and a baby blanket was to be a gift for her. The baby girl was born yesterday, so I had better keep knitting. This is the progress so far...

After I finish all the baby knitting, I will get back to joining donated  squares so that there will be blankets ready to be distributed to the needy when the weather starts to cool down.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sunday Stitchers; UFO Challenge...

This year I'm joining the others in my stitching group as we each tackle our pile of unfinished projects. The idea was that we would each make a list 1- 12 of such projects and then each month a number would be drawn. Then we would work on that number project on our list; as long as some progress was made, there would not be pressure to finish a project within the month.
 For the last year or so, on and off, I've been sorting through the boxes, shelves and cupboards of my sewing room and as I came across UFOs, I would put them in a plastic crate. So this made it easy to make a list...

Before we drew up the list, we had been told that the number for January would be 2, so of course I chose a simple project. It was simply to bind a baby quilt made with flannel squares. It was always intended to be given to Knitting for Brisbane's Needy, but had languished without binding for quite a while. It didn't take long to finish...

The backing was some polar fleece...

And by the end of January it had been despatched to K4BN 'headquarters' 👍 Compared to the stunning work of my fellow Sunday Stitchers, it was a very humble effort but it was a finish and it would benefit someone...good feeling!
The number for February was 12. My #12 was to continue working on a cot quilt, made in EPP and using my Liberty Print stash. Continue??? Lol. That should read START stitching, as before February, it was a pile of hexies cut out and paper basted. At our February SS meet up, I showed my progress...just one corner!

That was the third Sunday of February, but by then the project had me hooked! So any spare moment for the rest of February I worked on this project and last weekend I took another photo of my progress.

After doing the pink stripe, I went back to cutting; this time orangey yellows.

By then though, it was time for March's number, which is #10. And it's another EPP project! 'Use the long hexies in Christmas fabrics to make something'. Very vague isn't it?  Usually at the SS monthly meet ups, I spend some time basting these shapes, but haven't actually turned the shapes into anything...

So hopefully I will have a completed item by the next meet up, but if not completed, it will have been some progress made.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A little more of February 1968...

In the last post I forgot to write about an outing 'to the pictures' (as the movies/cinema were described in my youth). 

By 1968, many of the suburban picture theatres had closed and a trip to the city theatres was still a special outing. So it was in February 1968, I was taken on a movie date by a 'beau from school' called Ron. The movie was 'Thoroughly Modern Millie', starring Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Channing. My diary entry recorded, ' The movie was absolutely marvellous ' and I continued on, 'Ron paid $1.85 each for the seats' followed by lots of exclamation marks!!!! Obviously quite expensive compared to the suburban theatres. 

I do remember loving the movie so much that I went to it again that year as well as watching reruns on TV over the years. 

February 1968...

So it's back to that little old diary of mine for a round up of that month in my Grade 12 year. 

The school year had started, so many of the entries are about school. My high school had opened in 1963 so it was still fairly new. For my first 4 years at the school, extensive building works continued with at least one new classroom block added each year. In 1968, I vaguely recall that there was no building going on so the noise levels were down, as was the dust!
The photo shows the first block built...A block.

February started off at school with me being chosen to read the prayer on weekly assembly. Ha ha! No prayers these days at state schools...not for years and years! In the following weeks of February, the staff chose the Prefects and from then on, only prefects read the prayer...and no I wasn't chosen as a school leader.
In the Feb 5 entry I described the new students in my's only looking back now that I realise how difficult it must have been for those young people starting at a new school in Grade 12!  In a bit of school gossip, I wrote about a girl called Sheryl M who had returned to school after giving birth to twins in the previous year...can't remember it though 😉
Now something else that I'd forgotten until I read it in the February entries, was that a girl called Alison F was 'giving me a hard time'. Surprising that as I know that in the future, I had invited her to my (first) wedding in 1972, so we must have become friends eventually! Lol
Despite being early in the school year I complained about the workload in Geography, Modern History and Modern History. I mentioned in one entry a novel that we had to read in English; one that probably most students had to read...'The Red Badge of Courage'...😕
I don't think this was the cover of mine in 1968, but who knows, it might have been! Lol

Talking of my English class, I described our teacher thus...' Mr Marks, as usual, was hilarious! He's not sure of anything.' Harsh words! In the same entry I wrote how he played a tape of the play Macbeth for a double English period; that was 80 minutes! No discussion of the plot, characters etc, we just followed the script of the play in our textbooks while the tape played! By jingo, we were a polite class! Years later I met Mr Marks and after a bit of chit chat, I said to him, 'You didn't really like/enjoy teaching senior English, did you?' His answer was non committal, but as a teacher by then of some 30 years experience, I already knew the answer.
In another Feb entry I wrote about borrowing a book from the school library. The title was 'The Grand Sophy' and when I read that entry I had no idea of what the book I googled it and it's a Georgette Heyer book. Didn't think it was my style but then remember my friend's mother lending me a copy of the book 'These Old Shades', another Heyer book, so maybe I was into those kinds of romances when I was 16 going on 17 😉.
So outside of school, what did February 1968 have in store for me?
I obviously wrote letters to friends; 2 that I mention are still friends today. Another friend that I regularly wrote letters to was mentioned. Dawn got married at 16 ( you know the term, 'had to get married' 😮) to a serviceman and with their baby, went to live in Malaya where her husband was stationed at Butterworth. We wrote lots of letters while she was away and in Feb 1968, she wrote that they were coming home. My entry on this was showed my excitement at this news.
I wrote of a row with my mum with her withdrawing permission to go on a church camp with the youth group at my friend's church...what a meanie! Lol. I don't say why I was in so much trouble but I vaguely remember my mother saying that she didn't like the youth leader, so she was probably protecting me.
The weather was hot that February with temperatures of 95 degrees F for days on end. I wrote about mowing the lawn in that heat for my mum who was widowed by this time.
Some entries were about visits to the shops. My suburb had had a shopping arcade built in the 1960s which was pretty swish for a suburb then 😉. At the newer chemist shop I bought a hair rinse ( didn't tell mum though!). I even wrote the name of the colour rinse in my diary, 'Kiss of Smoke' and I concluded after putting it in my hair that it , ' didn't make any difference!' Obviously my hair was too dark to let the colour of the rinse show. 😆
Another shopping trip was to the local Barry and Roberts store. ( a family owned department and grocery store. The stores all closed in the early 1980s)
Photo below shows the Barry and Roberts store in my suburb. ( Source; BCC-B54-15245)

On this shopping trip I bought some lemon colored linen. The diary described how I drafted a pattern from the New Idea magazine, for a dress which crossed over at the front and had a ruffle that went from hemline to neck on the edge of the crossover. Now when I read the next bit, I laughed and laughed at my optimism/naivety/ stupidity 😂😂😂😂
I mentioned that I had planned to have this new dress finished by the time all the Grade 12s attended a night time performance of our set play Macbeth at Festival Hall in the city. Being a state school we were allowed to wear ordinary clothes for excursions out of school hours. Well Miss 16 y/o Maria thought that a lemon linen dress could work's what I wrote...cringe cringe.
' hope to wear the dress to Macbeth to impress Patrick T' !
Well it didn't work! Lol. Our paths never crossed! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Wiggles! Lol

Most weeks, at least once per week, DH picks up Miss A ( eldest granddaughter) early from Daycare and brings her home to our place. The routine is usually some afternoon tea, playing with the toys in Grandma's toy box (😉😆), reading stories, helping getting the washing off the line, a little trike riding, even running under the garden sprinkler but when 'us oldies ' start to flag, it's time to watch a Wiggles show on Netflix!

Lots of dancing required!

I always joke with Miss A that I want a red car just like the Wiggles car!  😉😂
So out come the photos that were taken on our trip to the Powerhouse Museum last year and in particular the Wiggles Exhibition...

The exhibition also featured the Cockroaches which was the pop band that the original Wiggles' members  formed long before they became the Wiggles...

Ah hah! There's that car!!!

I just couldn't resist climbing into it!

But hang on...I urged DH to take the photo again...

That's better...the classic index finger waggling was needed! Lol